The Littlest Wookie

The Littlest Wookie


In January 2017 we were asked to coordinate with The Peter Mayhew Foundation and 501st Legion garrisons in Texas and California to help a young woman named Kathlyn with Cystic Fibrosis. Unfortunately, Kathlyn's medical situation had deteriorated to the point where she would could not live without a lung transplant. Walt's Trooper Factory was able to help Kathlyn fulfill a life-long wish to become a member of the 501st Legion as TX-65651. In addition, we once again called on artist Juan Jose Matamoros to create some artwork to commemorate the event in the form of stickers, patches (by Endor Finders), and now poker chips. The artwork was also used by her parents to make t-shirts and blankets for Kathlyn and her many supporters. 

Kathlyn received her lung transplant and continues to get better with each passing day. The Walt's Trooper Factory and 501st Legion community continues to support her in any way possible, and she is an amazing example of a brave young woman who beat the odds. 

Links: Official 501st Article & Life Day for Kathlyn


Notes about charity merchandise:

  • WTF Charity patches are $8 each, and for every patch sold $4 is donated to her family .
  • WTF Charity poker chips are $2.50 each, and for every chip sold $1 is donated to her family.



Charity Poker Chip Charity Patch