Task Force Pink

Force for the Cure was founded by Michael Bender to coordinate with members of the 501st Legion to raise money and awareness for those struggling with breast cancer. All proceeds were donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and more recently The American Cancer Society. For more than a year the members of Walt's Trooper Factory had been trying to get a run of pink armor made into reality, and this summer with the cooperation of Mike Bender and Eric Dyck that became a reality. The plastic was purchased and armor pulled, and the first orders of pink armor are starting to arrive in big brown boxes around the world. Expect an outbreak of pink plastic spacemen (and spacewomen) sightings in the coming weeks. 

To commemorate this achievement, and in the spirit of raising awareness about breast cancer, we are forming a special task force for those Imperial forces who don the pink armor (and those who support them) to spread the word. Patches, stickers, and poker chips are on order from our friends at Endor Finders and elsewhere. 

Stickers Patches Poker Chips
tf-pink-b.png tf-pink-a.png cart-front-1505511032.png

 There will be no extra charge to raise money for this charity event, as we'd like to reach as wide an audience as possible. If you'd like to donate, please consider the charities mentioned above. Endor Finders is based in Jacksonville, Florida and bore the brunt of what Hurricane Irma had to offer. John Fuqua, the owner, has been very generous throughout the past year helping us with our various charity projects. We will continue to order our patches through him, and we expect our customers to understand it may take several weeks for the patches to be delivered. I expect to be shipping the above listed items around the first week of October. 

As usual, all the artwork above was graciously donated by Juan Jose Matamoros. He's an excellent artist, and we highly recommend commissioning any artwork you may need through him.