Lilly Strong

Lilly Rebecca Mueller



In January 2018 Matt Cohen from the Carolina Garrison of the 501st Legion contacted Walt's Trooper Factory about getting a set of children's armor. It had to be quick, because an eleven year old girl, Lilly Mueller, was suffering from an aggressive cancer and was given only weeks to live. The Carolina Garrison had visited Lilly earlier in the year at her home and she became enamored with Matt's Shock Trooper armor. Seeing an opportunity to provide her with a wonderful surprise, Matt decided to make Lilly her own set of Shock Trooper armor, but with pink detailing instead of the usual red. The armor was pulled and shipped to Matt to begin construction, however Lilly Rebecca Mueller became one with the Force on January 19th, 2018. Her service was attended by Matt Cohen and other members of the Carolina Garrison, as well as R2-KT. the Blue Ridge Base (Rebel Legion), and Talon Clan (Mando Mercs).


Juan Jose Matomoros created some excellent artwork displaying the gold childhood cancer ribbon to honor Lilly's memory, drawing her in the armor she was never able to wear. Walt's Trooper Factory is offering stickers, poker chips, and patches with Juan's artwork with all proceeds going to Lilly's family. Matt Cohen will continue to build Lilly's armor, and it will be displayed at South Carolina Comic Con to raise awareness for childhood cancer. 

Links: Lilly's Obituary & Lilly's Story on News 4 (SC) 

Notes about charity merchandise:

  • WTF Charity patches are $8 each, and for every patch sold $4 is donated to her family.
  • WTF Charity stickers are $1.50, and for every sticker sold $.75 is donated to her family.
  • WTF Charity poker chips are $2.50 each, and for every chip sold $1 is donated to her family.


Charity Patch Charity Poker Chip Charity Sticker