John's Uncommon Kindness

John's Uncommon Kindness


John Barnett was recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and as you can imagine, the medical expenses are incredibly high. If you know Johnny, you know that he is one of the most awesome individuals on the planet. He has done a lot for others and has contributed to making the lives of others better, in spite of taking care of his own needs. Johnny is also a huge Star Wars fan and a friend to everyone he meets. So lets help Johnny Force Choke these medical expenses so that he can get back to taking care of himself as well as those around him.

May the Force Be With You,... Always!

Links: Cookout for a Cause

Notes about charity merchandise:

  • WTF Charity patches are $8 each, and for every patch sold $4 is donated to his family.
  • WTF Charity poker chips are $2.50 each, and for every chip sold $1 is donated to his family.


Charity Poker Chip Charity Patch



With a heavy heart we regret to inform our members on July 21st, 2017 John Barnett became one with the force.