Fire Team Rubicon

As most of you know Hurricane Harvey has hit Texas pretty hard. Some of us have friends and family in the area, and many want to help. I empathize with the people along the Gulf Coast because a few years ago I was in their shoes during Hurricane Sandy. My neighborhood, Breezy Point, was the scene of the worst parts of that hurricane. Over four-hundred houses in my community were washed away by the Atlantic Ocean, then another 135 burned down during the largest residential fire in New York City history. This storm looks to be even worse.

After Hurricane Sandy I wrote a book that became a NY Times best seller, and since then I've worked with FEMA and OEM to lecture about disaster management from the front lines. One of the best assets we had, and an organization I will always recommend during Hurricane Sandy was Team Rubicon.

They are veteran volunteers, many who have seen combat overseas, and now they're in Texas helping those who need it most. I can't say enough good things about these guys. Unlike some charity organizations like the Red Cross, Team Rubicon will spend it's money putting boots on the ground and helping people where they need it the most. They don't have much red tape, and I could count on these guys to be alongside my firefighters every step of the way.

Walt's Trooper Factory is offering a patch through the website for the usual charity price of $8 each, and stickers for $2 each. John Fuqua from Endor Finders has given us a great deal, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Team Rubicon. The artwork is by the always charitable Juan José Matamoros 


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Please join and support Fire Time Rubicon. It's one of the most worthwhile ways you can help our friends, family, and 501st brothers and sisters in the Lone Star State.


On September 15th 2017, Walt's Trooper Factory donated $1200 to Team Rubicon raised through patch, sticker, and poker chip sales to sponsor our own Forward Operating Base. When our stock of Fire Team Rubicon merchandise runs out or on October 15th (whichever comes first) a final donation will be made.