Fighting for Conner

Fighting for Conner


In May 2017 we were introduced (online) to Conner's family by Walt's Trooper Factory members Donna Gillie and Jesse Pollock III. Conner suffers from late infantile Batten Disease for which there is no cure, but that hasn't stopped him and his family from doing their absolute best to make sure he has a happy and eventful life. He's a huge Star Wars fan (who isn't?) with a keen interest in fighting alongside Darth Vader. Juan Jose Matamoros once again rose to the occasion to create excellent artwork for Conner to be used for poker chips, stickers, and patches in order to raise money for him and his family, and to celebrate Conner's life. 

Give his Facebook page a like and say hello. He and his family appreciate the support, and he's always happy to hear from his favorite Imperial personnel. If you live in the Maryland / Delaware area keep a look out for events and maybe you can meet him in person!

Links: Fighting for Conner on Facebook

Notes about charity merchandise:

  • WTF Charity patches are $8 each, and for every patch sold $4 is donated to his family.
  • WTF Charity poker chips are $2.50 each, and for every chip sold $1 is donated to his family.


Charity Poker Chip Charity Patch