Commander Lucas

Commander Lucas


In November 2016 Tim Bates asked Walt's Trooper Factory about getting some Star Wars stickers for his son Lucas. After hearing about Lucas's situation we contacted our go-to artist, Juan Jose Matamoros, about doing some custom artwork for Lucas for his own sticker and patch. Juan volunteered his services and created an amazing likeness to Lucas dressed as an AT-AT Driver - the giant lumbering walkers are his favorite Star Wars vehicle - and we gave him a battlefield promotion to Commander Lucas. One hundred commemorative patches were created through Endor Finders courtesy of John Fuqua. 

Commander Lucas needed a crew for his walker platoon, therefore in November of 2016 we put out a request for volunteers and the Walt's Trooper Factory community enthusiastically answered the call. Volunteers were mailed two stickers - one with the original Commander Lucas artwork, and another with a blank space on the bottom to fill in their name and/or TK ID number - as well as an envelope addressed to Walt's Trooper Factory, RE: Command Lucas. The envelopes were collected over the next six weeks then shipped up to Lucas while he was waiting in the hospital for a much needed kidney transplant. Each contained a personalized sticker requesting to join his crew, and many members added other stickers, cards, and other novelties. In all, over 300 members responded, and Lucas maintains a sticker book with all the stickers from his volunteer crew.


In March of 2017 we began construction of two AT-AT Driver costumes, one for Lucas and one for his father, Tim. Shortly thereafter, while on a visit to Industrial Light & Magic / Lucas Film, we met with Emmy Award Winner Keith Kellogg (animation supervisor for Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels) who signed a special eight inch decal for Command Lucas. Lucas's kidney transplant was a success, but his recovery continues.

Links: Love for Lucas on Facebook

Notes about charity merchandise:

  • WTF Charity patches are $8 each, and for every patch sold $4 is donated to his family.
  • WTF Charity poker chips are $2.50 each, and for every chip sold $1 is donated to his family.


Charity Poker Chip Charity Patch
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