Supporting charity efforts, both directly and indirectly, is the primary focus of Walt's Trooper Factory. We directly support individual children and adults in desperate need of a smile and support, and indirectly support world-wide charity organizations like the 501st Legion or Make-A-Wish Foundation by getting them the armor they need to make a difference.


WTF Charity Projects (Ongoing)

Commander Lucas

D-Clan Special Ops

The Littlest Wookie

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John's Uncommon Kindness

Fighting for Conner

Fire Team Rubicon


Task Force Pink

 The Blue Brotherhood  

WTF Charity Projects (Past)

Celebration 2016



Charity Organizations We Support

The 501st Legion

The Rebel Legion The Galactic Academy
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The Peter Mayhew Foundation R2-KT The Mandalorian Mercs
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