Walt's Trooper Factory Armor Catalog


Our business is guided by a commitment to producing accurate, high quality, durable armor for the Star Wars charity costuming community and for charity projects - especially for children's causes. We've worked directly with Lucas Film, The Peter Mayhew Foundation, and The Make-A-Wish Foundation to name a few. Our products have been used by companies such as EA Games and more than a few of our helmets sit in the offices of Industrial Light & Magic. Walt's Trooper Factory is also the leading armor maker for children, some of them unwell (see our Charity page for more details and how you can help). For more information, join us on our Facebook page for the latest news and to have any of your questions answered.

"Your first step into a larger world!" - Ben Kenobi

For those of you looking to join a Star Wars charity costuming club, or who are already members and wish to expand your authorized costumes, you've come to the right place. To get more information on what to do to get one of our costume kits, contact Matt Nelson or Rocky Schafer through Facebook Messenger and they'll be happy to help you. If you have any questions feel free to ask them on our Facebook group. Below is a list of the armor we make at Walt's Trooper Factory. Clicking on the artwork will bring you to a page with more details for each kit. (This is a new feature and only the Stormtrooper one is working while we work on the format.)


Unless otherwise noted, all of Walt's Trooper Factory armor comes untrimmed and un-assembled. Be prepared to put in some time and effort in order to reach the standards of premier Star Wars costuming clubs. If you would prefer to pay extra to have your costume built for you we have services available, but for the most part we encourage people to try it on their own first and we are happy to provide any assistance you might need. 


Walt's Trooper Factory provides armor only to members and prospective members of charity costuming clubs such as the 501st Legion, Galactic Academy, etc. We do not provide armor to individuals who intend to use any part or whole for profit or any other reason than for charity work.


stormtrooper-gold2.png rebels-tk-gold.png snow-troopers-gold.png in-development.png
Stormtrooper Stormtrooper (Rebels) Snow Trooper First Order Snow Trooper
Sand Trooper      
Magma Stormtrooper      
Shadow Stormtrooper      
Nova Stormtrooper      
scout-trooper-gold.png rebels-tb-gold.png snow-scouts-gold.png in-development.png
Biker Scout Trooper Scout Trooper (Rebels) Snow Scout Trooper Shore Trooper
Shadow Scout Trooper     AT-ACT Driver
Swamp Scout Trooper      
gunner-gold.png navy-trooper-gold.png tie-bomber-gold.png inferno-squad.png
Imperial Gunner Imperial Navy Trooper TIE Pilot (ANH) Inferno Squad (Iden)
Imperial Weapons Technician   TIE Pilot (ROTJ) Inferno Squad (Hask)
      Inferno Squad (Del)
tie-fighter-gold.png atat-gold.png atst-gold.png atat-cmdr-gold.png
TIE Pilot (181st) AT-AT Driver AT-ST Driver AT-AT Commander
Barron Soontir Fel      
 iat-gold.png  in-development.png  royal-guard-gold.png  havoc-gold.png
 Imperial Army Trooper Imperial Army Mudtrooper Royal Guard  Havoc Squad Trooper
    Shadow Guard   
 rc-standard-gold.png  in-development.png  tf-pink-a.png  
Clone Commando  Boba Fett  Pink Stormtrooper  
     Pink Biker Scout  
    Pink Anything